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Monthly Aesthetic clinics 


Next Clinic date 

Saturday 27th May 




Dr Liam O’Grady (MBChB, BSc (hons)) is a GMC registered medical doctor and a qualified aesthetic practitioner who continues to work in an NHS hospital alongside his aesthetic commitments. He studied biomedical science in Manchester graduating with first class honours before moving to Birmingham to study medicine and surgery. Since then, he has rotated in a number of specialities including surgery, medicine, psychiatry, emergency medicine and general practice. Liam has a passion for providing and promoting safe non-surgical enhancements and has a warm and professional approach to consultations.


Dermal fillers are gel like substances that are injected under the skin in attempts to replace or enhance volume. By doing so they can smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhance key features of the face such as the lips and cheeks, and help diminish signs of ageing caused by loss of volume and skin elasticity. Studies have also shown that fillers may protect existing collagen from being broken down and stimulate new collagen formation. We only use hyaluronic acid based products, a substance also found naturally in the body and can be dissolved if desired unlike some other fillers on the market.


Cheek and midface enhancements

Nasolabial fold

Marionette lines

Downturned mouth


Lip Lines

Chin enhancement

Jaw enhancement

Deep wrinkles


1 ml: £225
Additional: £125 per 1ml syringe 

0.5ml: £175
1 ml: 225 ml    

Results last between 9-18 months + (depending on area treated and product used) 



Profhilo® is a revolutionary treatment containing the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid on the market. It is administered via injection but works differently to normal dermal fillers. Instead of simply adding volume to a specific area that it is injected Profhilo® works by stimulating your own skin to produce collagen and elastin, the result is improved firmness, elasticity and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. In essence Profhilo® can target wider areas of the face or neck improving overall skin quality. Clients often describe their skin as being more ‘plump’, ‘hydrated; and ‘bouncy’.

Face: £250* per treatment 

*It is recommended that the first treatment requires 2 sessions 4 weeks apart (total £500) for optimum results. Thereafter 1 treatment can be used as maintenance. 

Results last 6months + 



Anti-wrinkle injections, known most commonly by the brand name ‘Botox’ consist of a protein (botulinum toxin type A) that acts to stop the chemical messages from nerve cells to muscles that tell the muscles to contract. This allows the skin time to relax and can drastically improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as preventing new lines appearing.

(Areas: Crows feet, forehead lines, frown lines) 

1 area: £125
2 areas: £200
3 areas: £240 

Additional area - £40

Results last between 3-6months 




For the treatment of excessive sweating in the under-arm area. For cosmetic purposes only.


Both arms - £300



The masseter is a muscle located near to the jawline. In some people the muscle can be so large that this distorts the lower half of the face and can create a more masculine appearance. Botox can be used to shrink the muscle creating a slimmer, more feminine appearance. It may also treat teeth grinding (bruxism) however if you do suffer from bruxism you must seek advice and treatment from a registered dentist or other professional healthcare provider.

Price: £240


Other Botox treatments (additional areas)

Bunny lines - £125

Downturned mouth - £125

Lip flip - £125

Gummy smile - £125

Mentalis (Chin botox) – The treatment of skin dimpling or a mobile elevated chin. - £125

Under eye botox - £125

Eyebrow arching (lift) - £125

Platysmal bands (Nefertiti neck lift) – Vertical neck bands caused by muscle contraction in the neck. - £125

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